Driveway Concrete

Driveway Concrete

A driveway is a small road owned by an individual or group. These roads are utilized for decorative uses. These drives are available in various patterns, colours, styles, and designs. Moreover, the driveways should perform long term.  They should also provide the best quality of workmanship and materials. If you require purchasing quality concrete for driveways just look for Concrete Singh. The concrete available is durable and versatile.

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The setting depends on the thickness of the concrete and weather conditions. If it’s warm with dry air, then the concrete will set quicker. If it’s really humid outside, then the concrete will set slower. Moreover, if the concrete is poured on a well-compacted substrate it will not set easily.


In C10 and C15, there are certain problems which may occur. Moreover, this occurs during mixing the concrete at hot conditions. In addition to that, the high air temperature and the low humidity are the factors that affect the process of concrete curing.In the same way, they also mess up the quality of concrete. The problems associated with pouring concrete occur during hot weather conditions. This is due to the increased rate of cement hydration and evaporation of moisture.


The factors that affect the concrete driveways are workability, slump, compressive strength, poor surface appearance etc. Moreover, the water decreases strength and increases thepermeability of concrete. An increase in the water cement ratio affects the compressive strength. Shrinkage of concrete occurs when the rate of evaporation is higher. As the heat of hydration increases, cracks may grow along the surface of theconcrete.


For purchasing C10 and C15 concrete, people can look for Concrete Singh. We provide big amounts of concrete over some parts of the country.You can just pay for what you use. We supply concrete of high quality with affordable prices. For immediate delivery, simply get hold of us.


The concrete type, suitable for driveways is C10 and C15. These concretes are also used for non-structural elements like driveways. C10 and C15 are extremely versatile mixes. In addition to that, they are utilized for residential as well as commercial uses.



          Batch plants cannot produce the concrete in the exact amount. They also allow spillage during placement, consolidation, movement, etc. Moreover, use a concrete calculator to see the amount of concrete by volume.In addition to that, the calculator will calculate the number of cubic yards of concrete that will be needed to fill a driveway. Furthermore, the concrete thickness for driveways should be 125 mm or 5 inches. The gradient of the concrete driveways should be 1:40 to 1:60.


The mix ratio for C10 and C15 is 1:4:6 to 1:4:5. They produce medium strength

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