Concrete Pump Types – Boom Pump


Boom Pump is a very effective, economical and reliable means of laying concrete. Moreover, Boom pump are a smart investment with fast setup, high up time, and high resale value. In addition to that, they range from single-axle truck mounted pumps suitable for confined areas. They also have high performance value and used for high-rise and large-scale projects. Furthermore, this allows ready mix trucks to empty their loads directly into the pump hopper and helps to create a more efficient job.


  • Boom pumps are the best alternative to lay the concrete at a faster rate.
  • Concrete can be placed easily by using Boom Pump.
  •  Boom pumps also reduce the labour movement.
  • Saves manpower, energy and over-head costs.
  • Concrete placing is not affected by weather conditions
  • Reliable and assures high quality work.


The operation of the Boom pump provides the use of hydraulic and electrical systems. Moreover, the Boom pump is designed to safely pump wet concrete through pipes and hoses within its published ratings and specifications. In addition to that, stability of the Boom pump is provided by the outriggers and front jack during operation. Controls for the outriggers are located on the sides of the concrete pump.


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