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Looking for Ready Mixed Concrete Croydon for a new or already in progress project or some high-quality concrete, pumping and screed services, then Concrete Singh is the perfect solution. Moreover, Concrete Singh is the company you need and we promise fast and dependable services. In addition to that, when you hire Concrete Singh as your concrete company, you aren’t just finding the best ready mix in the marketplace, but also guaranteed customer service. Furthermore, our drivers are required to arrive on-time, not just as a courtesy to you, but also because a punctual ready-mix supplier keeps construction moving forward, allowing other crews to stay engaged while on the clock.

We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction. Furthermore, it is our mission to deliver quality in every way, from the preliminary consultation to delivery and installation. Also, utilize our concrete calculator to calculate the amount of concrete for your task. If you have certain doubts regarding concrete, our Ready Mix Concrete Croydon can provide you with the answers you require. Give us a call to discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team members.

Interesting Facts

  • Gaze out across Croydon and towards London and spot famous landmarks as you tuck into lunch from the top of Addington Hills, rising 460 feet above sea level. You can see as far as Epping Forest and Fulham and on a really clear day, you might even spot the turrets of Windsor Castle in the distance. Closer by is Shirley Windmill and Croydon’s tower blocks.
  • One of London’s greenest boroughs, Croydon has over 120 parks and open spaces, 10 of which have won green flag awards.


Things To Do

  • The Museum of Croydon is a brilliant, fun place to spend a few hours to discover the real history of Croydon. It is a lifetime museum showcasing historical and stylish artifacts derived from the area. Many of the exhibitions at the museum are hands on.
  • You must visit Croydon Clocktower whilst staying in Croydon, which is an arts center containing the Museum of Croydon and the David Lean Cinema.

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