Concrete Pump Hire – Types, Services & Benefits

Concrete pump hire

Concrete Pump Hire is simple to use and is available in the marketplace. Moreover, concrete pump is a machine for transferring the liquid concrete by pumping method. In addition to that, it is an efficient, economical and reliable means of placing the concrete. Furthermore, these concrete pumps are utilized in high rise constructions. Also, in late times, the use of the concrete pumps has increased apace. Moreover, it is the most precise method for pouring the quality concrete where it is necessary.


  • Boom Pump

It uses the remote control to place the concrete. In addition to that, it is utilized in larger construction projects as it pumps very high volume. It also requires less labour.

  • Line Pump

It is placed on a truck or a trailer. Furthermore, it is utilized in smaller construction projects like swimming pool, sidewalks and ground slabs.


  • Ensure high accuracy and quality in concrete pouring
  • Improvement in concrete strength
  • Reduce the number of labours
  • Most convenient way of pouring concrete
  • Increase pouring speed


We offer concrete pumping services like

  • Boom pump hire
  • Pump for concrete screed
  • Concrete for floor
  • Foundation concrete
  • Line pump
  • Boom pump

To prefer the first-class quality of Concrete Pump, select Concrete Singh. We are dedicated to offer you quality products and honest service. Moreover, We even have our own concrete calculator. It provides you a rough approximation of how much concrete you need. In addition to that, we provide same or next day delivery services to our clients. Moreover, We can supply Ready Mix Concrete at affordable prices. We supply Ready Mix Concrete in London including West London, Kent, Croydon, Hatfield, Surrey, Berkshire, Guildford and surrounding areas

When it comes to concrete, the exact amount is significant in our budget.

Our concrete services also include:


  • Fast, Friendly and professional service
  • Low prices
  • Simple delivery
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • 100% Licensed
  • Cash On Delivery

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