Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete is concrete that is pre-mixed and is manufactured at a batching plant or factory. This is made to a set recipe and then delivered to the workplace or work site. Furthermore, this process results in concretes which have a very precise mixture and are used on the construction sites.

Ready Mix Concrete is very often preferred to the usual mixing of on-site concrete, as it can reduce the confusion of on-site labor, and deliver good quality precision mixes which can be maintained throughout the life of the building project. However, relying on a predetermined concrete mixture can reduce the flexibility in the components of the mixture, and the supply chain.

Ready Mix Concrete is more commonly called RMC and is usually made and delivered to the construction site freshly pre-mixed in an unhardened or plastic state. Moreover, the concrete its self-contains a mixture of:

  • Portland Cement
  • Aggregates (gravel, crushed stone, sand etc.)
  • Water

These materials are derived from different sources and are then mixed in the specified amounts at the batching plant to produce concrete. Ready Mix Concrete can be manufactured to a customer’s specific requirements and is sold and bought by volume, which is generally in cubic meters.

Ready Mix Concrete today is manufactured today using computer controlled operations. Transportation to and from the construction site involves the use of sophisticated and specialised equipment, such as truck-mounted transit mixers.

Ready Mix Concrete Advantages:

  • Quality Assured Concrete:- Ready Mix Concrete comes with consistency in quality through accurate & computerised control of aggregates and water as per mix designs. The various parameters like workability, compressive strength, water-cement ratio, proportioning of ingredients, slump etc can be controlled.
  • A high speed of construction– Transit Mixers can carry 7 Cum concrete, get loaded in 15–18 minutes.Hence, The speed of concreting is high.
  • Reduction in cement consumption by 10 – 15 % due to better handling and proper mixing. Further reduction is possible if mineral admixtures or cementitious materials are used.
  • Cost Saving: The raw materials are weighed with help of computerised plant.The variation is generally less than 2%. So, it helps to reduce wastage of raw materials Hence, saving Cost.
  • Efficient Concreting: Eliminating or minimising human error and reduction in dependency on labor.
  • No upfront cost or Liability: No equipment to hire; No depreciation of costs.
  • Versatility in uses and methods of placing: The mix design of the concrete can be tailor-made to suit the placing methods of the contractor. for Example, Self-compacting concrete can be used in case of highly reinforced Structure, it involves no vibrators and less labor.


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  • No hidden or extra costs involved
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