Concrete Foundations

Concrete Foundations

Concrete Foundations in any building directly connects to the ground. It acts as a base for the structure. In order to keep the foundation strong, we need concrete with high strength and durability. In addition to that, Concrete Foundations is used for foundation purpose which is durable and easily placed. This concrete is suitable for domestic purposes. For that, you can look for Concrete Singh. We can supply Ready Mix Concrete at low prices. We supply Ready Mix Concrete in London including West London, Kent, Croydon, Hatfield, Surrey, Berkshire, Guildford and surrounding areas

  • Concrete house foundations
  • Domestic garage foundations
  • Conservatory foundations
  • Home extension foundations
  • Concrete wall foundations

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The setting relies upon the thickness of the concrete and climate conditions. If it’s warm with dry air, at that point the solid will set faster. If it’s extremely damp outside, at that point the solid will set slower. In addition, if the solid is poured on an all-around compacted substrate it won’t set effectively.


The weather conditions may affect during the pouring of concrete. If it is wet, water starts to accumulate and results in light weight concrete. Hence it is important to keep the concrete above 40 degrees. If it is hot, water is reduced in concrete. Under these conditions, follow cold weather concreting by freezing concrete for 24 hours. This results in high strength.


Cracks in Concrete Foundation affects the strength of concrete. This is due to the shrinkage and settlement in concrete. To prevent these cracks use waterproofing material. There are other factors like resistance to freezing and thawing and chemical resistance which affect concrete foundations.


You can buy C20 and C25 concrete from Concrete Singh. We provide you with the best quality of C20 and C25 concrete. In addition, our point is to convey the concrete with high caliber and low costs. Notwithstanding that, we likewise give supply trucks to convey the products. Moreover, we work 7 days a week and supply concrete over years of experience.


Concrete Foundations – Quick Delivery & Great Savings

C20 and C25 are the appropriate Concrete types to be utilized for the Concrete Foundations. Additionally, these concretes are utilized for applying floors and foundations. Notwithstanding that, the heaviness of the concrete is lighter. C25 is utilized amid the pouring off foundations. Both C20 and C25 are drilled for both residential and business ventures.



In rocky soil, the footings may collapse when big rocks are excavated. The shovel may have cut into too deep when dug out deeper from the ground. Thus it is important to mark the spots on your ground. Then, use footing calculator to calculate the quantity of concrete required for foundation. The entries are typed in the length, depth, and width in feet or inches. This calculator provides the fast and easy way to measure the quantity of concrete.


The mix ratio for C20 and C25 is 1:2:4 to 1:1.5:3. They produce more strength.

Concrete Floors

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