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Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have become the latest trend in the construction industry. Now a day these floors are utilized in retail stores, restaurants, offices and so on. Meanwhile, these concrete floors are also known as a cement floor. Concrete floors are no longer gray or boring colour. Moreover, concrete floors are applied in different colours, textures, patterns etc. For that, you can look for Concrete Singh. We can supply Ready Mix Concrete at low prices. We supply Ready Mix Concrete in London including West London, Kent, Croydon, Hatfield, Surrey, Berkshire, Guildford and surrounding areas.

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Concrete will continue to set and settle for anywhere up to 20 years. Moreover, a builder will typically allow 2-3 days before applying any loads, but will keep back propping in for a few weeks to prevent collapse. Furthermore, it is designed to reach its designated strength 28 after pouring. i.e. 32MPa concrete should reach 32MPa 28 days after pouring. In addition to that, the floor will continue to expand and contract to lessening degrees over the following years.


If it's too wet and water starts to accumulate in the floors and end up with weakened concrete. If the water content is too low, it is difficult to compact compact and results in air voids, and weak concrete. If the water content is too high, the water can leave pores in the concrete, which also reduces the strength of the concrete. Hence it is necessary to keep the concrete above 40 degrees.


The factors that affect concrete floors are Moderate to Severe Exposure Conditions for Concrete, Resistance to Freezing and Thawing, Chemical Resistance, Resistance to Sulphate Attack, Extensive cracking, Expansion and Loss of bond between the cement paste and aggregate.


You can purchase C20 and C25 concrete from Concrete Singh. We provide superior quality of C20 and C25 concrete. Moreover, our aim is to deliver the concrete with high quality and low prices. In addition to that, we also provide supply trucks to deliver the goods. Furthermore, we operate 7 days a week and supply concrete over years of experience.


Concrete Floors – High Quality & Unbeatable Prices

C20 and C25 are the suitable concrete types to be utilized for the concrete floors. These concretes are used for applying floors and foundations. The weight of the entire structures of the concrete is lighter. C25 is used during the pouring of floors. Both C20 and C25 are practiced for both residential as well as commercial sites.



Our concrete calculator allows you to accurately work out the amount of concrete you’ll need for the Concrete Floors. Furthermore, simply add the measurements for your concrete order. Moreover, the entries are typed in the length, depth, and width in feet or inches. This calculator provides the fast and easy way to measure the quantity of concrete.


The mix ratio for C20 and C25 is 1:2:4 to 1:1.5:3. They produce more strength.

Concrete Floors

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